Video Network Operations Centre

proAV’s state-of-the-art Video Network Operations Centre (VNOC) is recognised as a centre of international service excellence that offers a world of unparalleled support for our global clients’ business-critical AV systems architecture, products and technologies 24-hours a day, with all-embracing, world-class expertise and dedication.
Our VNOC houses an international team with a commitment to ensure our client sites around the world can communicate, collaborate and trade effectively and remain unaffected by the parameters of time, distance or language. From here, our definitive portfolio of strategic support resources is delivering powerful protection and technical expertise, including Remote Support Services that monitor and protect systems and infrastructure from afar while Level 2 Technical Support and Video Help Desk Support offer front line assistance around the clock. Other services delivered from the VNOC include:

  • AV Network and Device Monitoring via Crestron Fusion, AMX RMS, Cisco TMS and InterMapper technologies
  • Reporting and diagnostics
  • Content management and distribution
  • Concierge services